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Save on Standby Power and Money

January 20th, 2010 at 08:25 am

Most of us like to think that we are following green or environmentally friendly practices with our power usage habits. Yet in many cases, if we don’t keep abreast of new technology, we may be missing some of the best and easiest ways to both save power and thus save ourselves a few – or more – dollars.

How can we make sure our power is ‘green’ without going to all the expense of installing solar panels and other power saving inventions? Using one of the latest inventions of modern technology – the green board – will certainly be a step in the right direction. The

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green power board has eight power outlets and can be used to both save standby power and electricity consumption.

It has no batteries to worry about and there are no complicated set-up steps to follow, so you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to use it. You simply plug it in to the nearest power point, and then attach all your electrical items to it.

Two USB chargers have been built into the remote switch. This new technology will give your TV a brighter, crisper picture and better sound as well as saving power.

A good feature of the green board is surge protection provided to two of the power banks. These also have extra space for those larger adaptors, so there won’t be the problem of having to unplug one item so that you can squeeze that other plug into the space. It is broadband and fibre optic compatible.

Better still, the green board has a whopping 6-year guarantee and is wholly Australian made and owned. So you know you are supporting Australia when you purchase it. So if you were looking for another way to save on electricity consumption and protect your electrical equipment, the
Text is green power board and Link is
green power board is the way to do it.

Financial Goals 2010

January 20th, 2010 at 06:17 am

Wealth management encompasses all elements of creating wealth including tax reduction as well as investments; implementing business structures; protection of assets, trusts and self managed super funds. A financial planner can help you to put wealth management procedures into place that will meet your financial goals and desires for your future.

Before consulting a

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financial planner you need to know exactly what those goals are, but if you find it hard to think through, then they can offer preliminary suggestions to help you. But it is only when they have a thorough understanding of your specific goals that they will be able to devise the right financial plan to suit you.

Strategic wealth management is always tied to planning for tax reduction, because when your tax is legally reduced it naturally increases your wealth. A financial planner can help you in many areas: -

- Setting financial goals
- Saving in order to achieve those goals
- Budgeting in order to save where you thought you couldn’t
- Managing your debt
- Buying a home
- Protecting yourself with insurance - remember you are your biggest asset
- Deciding whether to rent or buy
- Helping to work out what you should put into your super fund to achieve financial goals.

These are just a few examples. There are many other areas where a
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financial planner can help you.