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10 Things You Should Know About Retirement Planning

October 31st, 2008 at 05:14 am

Those who don't bother about retirement planning are just asking for trouble in their golden years. What should be years of enjoyable leisure will be spent in fretting and penny-pinching - all because you didn't want to plan for the future. Make up your mind that’s not going to be you! Find out all you can about retirement planning. Here are ten things to start you off.

1. You should start retirement planning as early as possible. However, if you've left it, late is better than never. You can still make a difference if you start now.

2. Retirement planning can be a great deal easier and more successful if you get advice from a professional. Sure, you have to pay them, but their advice will likely save you money and make you extra that you'd never have made without it, so they are worth their fee.

3. One form of retirement planning is not enough. Diversify your funds into several different companies, then if one fails you won't lose everything.

4. Don't just set and forget. Check those investments on a regular basis. Doing this will ensure that any assets that look sick can be changed to more of those that are doing well.

5. You can get tax-free or tax effective retirement accounts so why not take advantage of them? Saving on tax is a legitimate way of saving money too.

6. Many people use their retirement account as a fallback account. If an unexpected bill arrives, they dip into their retirement account. This is the best way to mess up your retirement planning. Leave it alone and let it grow.

7. Retirement planning should take account of how much per month and per year it will cost you to live during your retirement. You cannot make an adequate retirement plan if you don't know how much you will need.

8. Many retirement plans rely on Social Security. How do you know it will still be there in the future?

9. Don't forget the 'i' word - inflation. Planning how much you need to live on this year will not be helpful by the time you retire, when inflation has caused all costs to rise a great deal more.

10. Factor in the death of one spouse to your retirement planning. Will the remaining partner have enough to live on? Does each of you know the ropes sufficiently to manage if the other should die?

Once you've considered everything and a retirement plan is in hand, both of you will gain peace of mind, knowing that the other will be cared for financially. Going through your retirement years without your partner is bad enough without having to worry about your finances as well.

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