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Are Men Better Savers Than Women?

May 8th, 2009 at 03:11 am

The research study by Celsius Research of online savers, commissioned by RaboPlus, the online banking division of AAA rated Rabobank Australia Limited, shows men are more disciplined about their savings than women, and are saving more each month.

The research also found that 83% of respondents claim that a better ongoing interest rate from another institution would prompt them to shop around for a better savings product and males (21 %) were more likely than women (9%) to be lured by cash incentives, and promotional rates (39% compared to 27%).

Do you agree that men are better when it comes to saving money?

3 Responses to “Are Men Better Savers Than Women?”

  1. mickeylily Says:

    no, they pay less than women
    but women save more than them, cos we pay more

  2. Broken Arrow Says:

    Such a study seems rather dubious to me. First of all, why would there be a connection between gender and saving? And if there is such a connection, is it an important one?

    That said, I would think the conclusion is the opposite: That women are typically the better savers.

    They appear to have a stronger biological urge to have and raise children. To do that, they would be more keen to save more because they will be working less hours professionally than men.

    Plus, typical convention on men's sense of self-worth is typically associated with work (hence income) versus family for women. If the convention holds true, then men typically tends to focus more on income than savings, whereas women is likely to be the other way around.

    My anecdotal experiences of other professional men and women seems to support my hypotheses.

    Of course, all this is hypothetical on my part. I didn't conduct a large field survey to see for sure. Nevertheless, it runs contrary to my own thinking and it makes me question the design and sampling of such a survey.

  3. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    ah well, non-scientifically speaking, we are the odd couple - I am the saver, he is the spender.

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